Les kits de tatouage

Beginner and professional tattoo kits with dermographer.


Tattoo kits are made up of tattoo machine with his muff different depending on the choice of your kit, a feed for tattooing with its pedal , d 'needle tattooing with his nozzles To tattoo, its tattoo ink as well as several other supplies necessary for the realization of your tattoo.

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The tattoo requires a lot of training, so do not hesitate to train on Synthetic skins Several times to be ready to make one on one person.

Each of our kits are composed to allow you to carry out your tattooing upon receipt, and the supplies of power supplies are compatible with most of Our tattooing machines Available on the site if you want to change it later.


Our tattoo kits are generally composed of 2 dermographers, a tattoo power supply, a pedals, tattoo inks, needles and tattoo nozzles and transfer paper. Other items are also added but it will depend on the kit you have chosen. The composition of each kit is described before their purchase on the product sheet!



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Some of our kits are not provided with Ez cartridges , but the EZ adapters are available on the site If you want to use it with your dermographer kit!

We try to put the maximum advice at your disposal so do not hesitate to visit our page tips or see Our videos !


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