Les cartouches aiguille tatouage EZ

Dermographer tattoo needle cartridge 

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https://www.tatouagenkit.com/   For tattoo machinerotary reeland penPen Tattoo It is suitable for all dermographers.

These aTattooing iguilles are adaptable with all the machines, the shop adapters allow the assembly of the needle on the tattoo machines coil and rotary with sleeve, a video will be made on the sleeves!


(Find ourCoil and rotating machine adapters).



->To the shop   (Find ourCoil and rotating machine adapters).   This needle is disassembled and goes up in 2 seconds. During the work of the tattoo, go from tracing to the filling needle without dismantling anything you just need to turn it and change the needle.


To insert it anything easier to insert the cartridge into the planned location and turn the cartridge once inside to fix the needle. Repeat the opposite action to remove it.   With this system you have nothing more to disassemble. The needles are sterile.


Go see our Tattooing needle cartridges.   They are suitable for any type of machine. (coil and rotary) Do not throw your needles in the trash, useAiguille containerss. Remember to addpetroleum jellybefore tattooing so as not to damage theskin.




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