Engagement de Sea Shepherd et encres de tatouage

Since 1977, Sea Shepherd's mission is to "protect the defenseless marine fauna and to end the destruction of habitat in the oceans of the world". They expose and confront those who ignore the well-being of marine habitats, the precious marine life that is there and the laws that protect them. When it comes to the oceans of the world and the life that reigns, the volunteers of Sea Shepherd are hard to cook for the Nal Nauture voucher. In the words of the founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, "you need a pirate to stop a pirate".

In 2018, Quantum Tattoo Ink teamed up with the SEA Shepherd Conservation Society to create the SET SEA Shepherd Gray Wash. This set of tattooing inks was developed by the world artistic director of Sea Shepherd and the tattoo artist Geert Vons in order to collect funds for their direct action campaign in the World Ocean.

Sea Shepherd Ink

In 2019, the partnership continued with the launch of the Sea Shepherd Shark Tattoo Ink Set and the Sea Shepherd Tatto Ink Set. When you buy a Sea Shepherd tattoo ink, you are part of the solution. Part of all the benefits of Sea Shepherd ink will be donated to their conservation efforts around the world. In addition, like all quantum tattoo inks, the Sea Shepherd inks is vegan and cruelty. These inks do not contain any animal products and none of the ingredients or finished products have been tested on animals.


Quantum Sea Shpehed inks are available here


You can support Sea Shepherd also on the site and follow their actions!