4 - Le montage de votre machine à tatouer

In this video: everything you need to know how to mount your machine and install the needle and the nozzle on it with the sleeve!

Step 1: We put the grommet on the machine, pushing it well.

Step 2: We put his needle by installing it on this grout.

Step 3: We put our sleeves by passing the needle in it. (we squeeze the sleeve on the machine)

Step 4: We put the nozzle in the sleeve (we tighten the screw that will hold it)

Step 5: We adjust its needle outing by loosening the sleeve (see video)

Step 6: We put the elastic which will tackle the needle on the machine and will help it stay straight.

Step 7: We check the rubber if it is in good condition you just have to adjust your machine and voila!